G20's have been fantastic, even for this 4 hdcp.

by Jeff
(Aurora, CO)

I've played ping irons since the eye2's first hit the market. All I can say is ping works for me. I've played to a 1, and curantly maintain a 4 handicap. The past 10 years I used the i3 irons, last year it came to the point I needed Some new stix, I went to the local PGA superstore and spent the best part of three hours trying a variety of brands...always returning to the pings. I narrowed my choices to the G,the g30, g20's. After switching back and forth between the three the g20's consistently proved the best distribution and grouping...although not quite as long, the consistent ball flight and distance was the nail in the coffin. G20's for me. Since the purchase they have not let me down. Although not as workable as the i3's I have managed to work them just enough to my liking. Still maintaining a solid 4 the irons have been the ticket.

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