Cobra ZL Driver

Cobra ZL Driver

Released in 2009, the Cobra ZL Driver is a great looking golf club that should appeal to golfers of a wide range of ability levels. The driver does also feature Cobras Adjustable Flight Technology for maximum control of the golf ball.

The available lofts for the ZL Driver are 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 degrees respectively. All are available in right hand, with only the 9.5 and 10.5 degree models produced in left hand as well as right.

However the heads do feature an adjustable hosel (Adjustable Flight Technology), and this means that the loft of any ZL driver can be set up with either a closed, neutral or open set-up. So adjusting the club here is actually quite straightforward, in comparison to some other adjustable Drivers that have been produced in recent years.

The standard shaft for the Cobra ZL is the Aldila Voodoo graphite shaft, which was the shaft on the 9.5 degree ZL driver we tested, in stiff flex.

The first thing any golfer will notice when they hit this driver is that it is extremely long and powerful. The Cobra ZL driver quite frankly can send the ball miles down the fairway, and this is without an annoying or irritatingly loud noise at impact.

This driver could possibly add up to 30 yards or more to your drives depending on your swing or ability level, definitely one of the most powerful drivers we have seen.

The Adjustable Flight Technology is there to be experimented with and used when required, though we didn’t find that it had a massively large effect on ball flight.

Each face position did have the desired effect in general. The open and closed set ups do create a fade and a draw respectively. So although we didn’t find the effects dramatic, the adjustability certainly makes this driver a very workable golf club.

But when the club head is just left in the neutral set up, the ZL driver is also a club that you can trust to hit the golf ball straight most of the times that you use it. The ZL is a very solid and forgiving driver, it really does offer a great combination of distance and accuracy all in one club.

Even golfers with inconsistent swings should be able to find consistency off the tee, and everyone should enjoy the nice feeling you get at impact when you really catch one flush.

Overall this driver is without doubt one of Cobras best offerings. It could really be used and used well by any golfer of any handicap, it is incredibly powerful, and can be easily adjusted for a particular shot type as well.

Another good thing to mention is that the price of the Cobra ZL driver represents excellent value also. Brand new in 2012 the club will usually cost around £150 or $238.


Looks  9/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Forgiveness  8/10
Distance 10/10
Workability  9/10
Value For Money 10/10

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