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Released in 2009, the Cobra SZ Irons are designed to offer the golfer maximum forgiveness, along with also being very easy to hit and launch.

With a bulky top line and a large sole, the SZ Irons do look a lot like ultra forgiving, game improvement irons when you stand over them. Which is something that only helps to make you feel more confident at address.

Graphite and steel shaft versions of the SZ Irons are available, with the graphite versions usually being a bit more expensive than their steel counterparts.

The standard stock steel shafts are the Nippon N.S Pro 1030H shafts, available in regular and stiff flex. The SZ set that we tested were equipped with the stiff flex of the Nippon shaft mentioned above.

As stated earlier these Cobra irons do look very forgiving at address, and when you first hit them you find that they certainly are just that.

As was the intention by Cobra, these SZ irons are very easy to hit and get the golf ball up and away with. Even the longer irons don't present too much difficulty, from the rough as well as the fairway.

The golf ball also just flies so straight practically every time as well. Certainly in terms of accuracy we found the SZ's to be every bit as forgiving as Cobra promised.

Even players who have a rather poor, inconsistent swing, should be able to achieve consistent and respectable results with these golf clubs. An SZ iron really does need to be struck very badly to produce a poor looking shot, at times it can seem like it's more difficult to hit a bad shot than a good one.

But not only do these Cobra SZ irons offer great forgiveness, there is a nice added bonus of a bit of extra distance also. Compared to a lot of other new irons around just now, an SZ could deliver around 10-15 yards more in each club on average, particularly in the longer irons.

The ball flight produced with an SZ was always extremely pleasing on the eye, and actually quite penetrating at times, despite the fact that these irons are very easy to launch.

We also found there to be a decent amount of control when hitting approach shots with the shorter irons. Even shots that aren't really struck particularly great, do still sit and spin relatively well on landing, due to the outstanding forgiveness.

Despite the forgiveness though it was possible to achieve a slight to moderate draw when required with the SZ's, without needing an overly enormous effort, due to the weighting system in the club head.

But the same couldn't really be said for when trying to work a fade, due to the combination of the weighting and the fact that the SZ irons really are just too forgiving.

As a whole though the Cobra SZ Irons would be a fantastic set for a mid to high handicapper, who either struggles with confidence or doesn't have the time to practice a lot. They can make the game of golf so much easier.

To add to that, these clubs are also excellent value for money just now in 2012.

Currently you can expect to pay around £140 or $223 for steel shafted SZs, with the graphite shafted models costing around £185 or $294.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Control 7/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 10/10

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