Cobra S9 - 1 F Driver

Cobra S9-1F Driver

A member of the Cobra S9 - 1 family of clubs, which is claimed to have a Driver to suit every golfer. The 2009 F model is a Driver designed mainly for the better, mid to low handicap players, who care a lot about their golf game.

Certainly there was a lot for us to expect from this golf club, being from the much acclaimed S9 - 1 series.

Just to emphasise, when they were launched, Cobra Golf general manager Brian Zender was quoted as saying, “The new S9-1 drivers are the best-looking, best-sounding and best-performing drivers Cobra has ever produced”. Quite a statement to make.

Certainly at first glance the S9 - 1 F is a very attractive golf club to look at, sporting some easy on the eye graphics, and a nice, well designed club head.

The design of the club is also intended to create a slight draw bias in ball flight for players. Along with a larger than normal face which includes Cobras Hotter 9 Points Technology, intended to help produce a combination of greater accuracy and distance.

If you want to find out more about the technology that went into the manufacture of the S9 - 1 Drivers. Then you can follow this link to the Cobra Golf website.

Lofts available are 9.5 and 10.5 degrees, with both being available in left and right hand models.

The standard shaft is the Aldila DVS-HL Graphite shaft, in both stiff and regular flex. The model we examined was the 10.5 degree model, equipped with the Aldila shaft in stiff flex.

When you first hold the club in your hands, you are likely to notice that the S9 - 1 F Driver is quite light in weight. This is contributed to by the fact that the standard Cobra Aldila shaft for the club, is slightly longer and lighter than most other shafts, in order to promote greater ball speeds off the face at impact.

When it came to hitting some balls, this Cobra Driver was extremely impressive. The large face and head just make it so easy to launch the golf ball with, and on a solid, powerful trajectory as well.

The club really gets through the ball, and quite frankly the ball flies off the face. Also this is combined with a lovely impact sound that's not too loud or hollow, it's probably almost the perfect noise at impact that you'd want in a Driver.

But the good news doesn't end at impact, the ball flies off the face and then keeps going. The Cobra S9 - 1 F model is a very powerful Driver to have in your bag.

The golf ball just seems to go on and on when in the air, and everyone we spoke to who had used this Driver, noticed as we did, a large increase in the distance their drives consistently carried.

And this was quite a regular occurrence, because this Cobra Driver was also very forgiving and reliable. The draw bias does its job well, and we found it almost impossible to send a ball off to the right.

Any golfer who's fed up or struggling with a slice when using a Driver off the tee, has to try this club. It's as good an anti-slice Driver as you're likely to find just now.

Which leads on to say that this isn't a Driver for players who like to regularly fade their drives. It's not really what this club was made for and anyone who gets a chance to hit the Cobra S9 - 1 F, will find this out.

However on the other side of things, it's a perfect club to play a nice consistent, powerful draw with. Other clubs with a draw bias can be abit tricky to hit sometimes, as it can be abit too easy to over-do it and get a full blown hook in the worst cases.

But due to the solid forgiveness of the Cobra S9 - 1 F, this should hardly ever be the case, we never once saw an actual all out hook when testing.

Quite simply this Driver is outstanding, Brian Zender made a bold statement with what he said about the clubs. But from what we've seen, he was right to do so. You are not likely to find very many, if any golfers, who have a bad thing to say about the performance of this S9 - 1 F Driver.

And another good thing to say, is that you don't have to pay an enormous amount for this golf club just now. Prices in 2012 for the Cobra S9 - 1F Driver are generally around £90 or $143.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Distance 9/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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