Cobra S2 Irons

Cobra S2 Irons Head

Both graphite and steel shaft models are available to play with. With the set we tested being fitted with the Nippon NS Pro 1030H steel shafts in stiff flex.

The appearance of these irons at address is good, with their design the cavity on the head is almost impossible to notice. The clubs through out the set also have a nice overall weight to them, they're quite light, and nice to hold.

One of the first things we noticed when hitting these Cobra Irons was how much distance they give you, they were very long. Probably one of the longest irons we've seen. On occasion they can carry the golf ball up to 20 yards further than some irons from other manufacturers.

The multi-material construction that Cobra has put into these irons also really does help with reducing the horrible vibration and feedback that you can get when you miss strike the longer irons at times.

In terms of forgiveness, the S2 irons generally performed very well. They are certainly very accurate as Cobra claimed from the outset. Whether hitting from the rough or the fairway, most players should see their shots fly pretty straight when playing with the S2s.

The ball flight overall though was consistently a bit lower than what you're likely to see with a lot of other new iron sets. Even in the shorter irons the trajectory was slightly lower than what is usually expected.

Despite that however, it's still quite easy to get enough spin to stop the golf ball quickly on the green on approach shots. Even with the longer irons, when struck well the ball generally comes to a reasonably quick stop upon landing.

Because of the very impressive forgiveness, we didn't expect it to be overly easy to work the ball with the Cobra S2 Irons. But it was quite a pleasant surprise to find that shaping the golf ball didn't require as much effort as what we thought it would.

Admittedly you probably will need to be a capable player who knows what they're doing. But it is very possible to achieve decent results when trying to work the ball for either a decent fade or draw with the S2s.

The only real negative that we could say about these irons was that they do seem to show signs of wear and tear quite quickly. There were a few noticeable scratches and scrapes on these clubs after not the greatest amount of use.

But that aside, the performance of the Cobra S2 Irons couldn't really be faulted. They are nice clubs to hit and to add to that, they also look good.  

These are irons that would probably best suit a mid handicapper, who's really keen on improving, and wants to hit more greens in regulation.

The price of the S2 irons as of 2012 does give reasonable value for money as well. At most retailers you can expect to pay around £250 or $398 for the steel shaft models brand new, while the graphite shaft counterparts usually go for a bit more, at around £300 or $478.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 8/10
Workability 7/10
Value For Money 8/10

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