Cobra AMP Irons

Cobra AMP Iron

The modern looking 2012 Cobra AMP Irons are designed to offer a solid combination of distance and accuracy, and are probably best suited to golfers in the mid handicap range.

The irons feature Cobras Advanced Material Placement (AMP), which is a technology that results in a multi-alloy design, which strategically positions weight resulting in long irons with extra distance and also consistent short irons.

Graphite and steel shaft options are both available, with the AMP irons we tested being equipped with the True Temper Dynalite 90 steel shafts in regular flex.

At address the fairly large club heads of the irons do set up well and do inspire confidence, with the top line appearing neither too thick or too thin looking on any iron.

When it came to hitting the ball, it was clear very quickly that the AMP irons are very nice and easy golf clubs to hit. You would need to have a really bad golf swing to have trouble getting the golf ball airborne with these irons, they feel very solid at impact.

Even the longer AMP irons are not difficult to launch, the golf ball can really fly off the face with great speed, and the regularly penetrating ball flight can be a real joy to watch at times.

A result of the fast ball speeds off the face is that the Cobra AMP irons are often very long and powerful. Anyone who uses the clubs for the first time may take a while to adjust to the length they can get, and you could over club on occasion.

However once you do get used to the distance that these irons can generate, it is definitely more of a benefit than a hindrance.

Along with that the AMP irons are very forgiving and accurate. Cobras E9 Face Technology really does help create a large sweet spot that makes the Cobra AMP irons a set of clubs that you can trust.

They are also relatively easy to control the golf ball with, approach shots with the shorter irons in particular usually always respond well on landing, and generating spin isn’t difficult.

To sum up, the AMP irons are a very good set of golf clubs. For what most mid handicap golfers would look for in an iron, the performance can't really be faulted, and they are quite nice to look at also.

In terms of cost, the clubs are a tad on the more expensive side at present. Brand new in 2012, the steel shaft models are generally priced around £540 or $857, with the graphite shaft versions costing a bit more at around £640 or $1‘016.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 8/10
Workability 5/10
Value For Money 7/10

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