Cleveland Launcher Driver 2009

Cleveland Launcher Driver

Launched in late 2008, the Cleveland Launcher Driver 2009 is a pretty impressive looking golf club. The 2009 version offer players a 21% larger face than any of the earlier launcher models, with the intention of producing an ultra-forgiving Driver.

The club comes in lofts of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. The 9 and 10.5 degree modes are available in right and left hand, where as the 12 degree Launcher is only available in right hand.

Most retailers will offer you a choice of a Gold or a Red Fujikura Fit-On Graphite shaft, in a variety of flexes. Custom shaft options are also widely available though.

We tested out the 10.5 degree model, equipped with the Red Fujikura Fit-On shaft in stiff flex.

The massive 460cc head on this Cleveland Launcher Driver 2009 does look very big at address. But we found that this only helps to inspire confidence, and certainly won't bother players who are already used to using Drivers with larger heads.

One thing that the larger face definitely does, is make this club a very easy to hit Driver. If a player can't get the golf ball up in the air with this Driver, then they probably wont manage it with any.

Another benefit of the larger face of this Driver, was making the club quite forgiving and reliable. The Cleveland Launcher 2009 performs quite well for accuracy, but although it was quite forgiving, we didn't find it to be hugely forgiving.

Generally from what we saw, you will be let off with bad swings with the Cleveland Launcher, but every now and then you do get punished. Not so much in terms of accuracy but more in terms of distance.

While on the whole this was a pretty long Driver. It did have to be hit quite well and consistently to get the most out of it in terms of length.

Some of the modern Drivers can send the golf ball miles no matter how you hit them, but the Cleveland Launcher Driver 2009 is one that will generally give a golfer back what they've put in.

Also this probably isn't the best club to look at if you like to work the golf ball a lot. The large sweet spot combined with the decent forgiveness, make working the ball with this Driver a difficult task for most players.

Overall though the Cleveland 2009 Launcher is a reasonably solid Driver that will keep you in play more often than not. If you don't have a good consistent swing though, you may end up giving up a little yardage quite regularly.

In terms of price, as of 2012 this club is pretty decent value for money. Brand new a Cleveland 2009 Launcher Driver is likely to set you back around £90 or $143.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness  8/10
Distance  7/10
Workability  6/10
Value For Money  9/10

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