Cleveland CG7 Irons

Cleveland CG7 Iron Head

Launched in early 2009, the Cleveland CG7 Irons are intended to offer a great combination of feel, distance, and forgiveness.

A lot of technology has gone in to the manufacture of these irons, including Cleveland's CG7 360 Degree Gelback Technology, designed to reduce vibration. Full details about the making of these clubs can be found at the Cleveland Golf website.

Graphite and steel shaft versions are available. With the models we tested being equipped with the True Temper Traxion Light steel shafts in stiff flex.
One of the first things we noticed about the Cleveland CG7 Irons was that they were a bit heavy when fitted with the shafts that we used.

Golfers that aren't too fond of heavier clubs would perhaps be better looking at CG7s with perhaps a lighter alternative shaft selection first.

At address though these irons do set up relatively well, despite the fact that they can look a little bit chunky, but it's not too much of an issue.

When it came to hitting the ball we found the CG7s very easy to launch, even with the longer irons. A higher handicapper who struggles to get the golf ball airborne quite a lot is certainly someone who could benefit from trying these clubs out.

On impact the CG7s were very nice and soft, the feeling really was fantastic on good strikes. And still pretty smooth even on shots that weren't caught that well, something helped a lot by the Gelback Technology that went into these clubs.

Along with being easy to launch, the Cleveland CG7 irons were also very forgiving. It's not very often that you will be hitting a shot way off line with one of these irons, even the longer ones.

The impressive forgiveness is also on show in the distance that these clubs can send the ball, as well as the accuracy. Although maybe not a particularly important quality in an iron, the CG7s are definitely one of the longer irons around just now.

And this distance was there even with quite a consistently higher ball flight that the clubs produced. The carry that can be achieved with these CG7 irons is very very good, and it's hard to not be impressed.

The mid and shorter irons do also give you a good amount of control over the golf ball. When landing an approach shot on the green, it is possible, and quite easy to generate a good amount of spin. And bring the golf ball to a stop quickly on the green with a soft landing on a regular basis.

Working the ball is something that is a bit difficult on the whole with these irons, due to the great forgiveness of them. However moderate results were still possible, though managing a decent fade or draw does require quite a bit of effort.

Overall though we can say that we were very impressed with the Cleveland CG7 irons. They can give you everything that you would want in an iron, and there really isn't much negative we can say about them, apart from the slightly heavier weight.

Another good thing about these clubs, along with the impressive performance, is the very decent value. Just now in 2012, the steel shaft models are generally priced at around £220 or $350, with the graphite shaft versions costing about £270 or $430.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Control 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 9/10

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