Cleveland CG16 Wedge

Cleveland CG16 Wedge

The impressive looking 2010 Cleveland CG16 Wedge comes available in a Black Pearl and Chrome finish.

Unusual for a wedge, the CG16 sports a cavity back design, which is intended to make the wedge more forgiving while still providing golfers with a lot of playability.

Like the CG15 wedge from Cleveland Golf, the CG16 features zip groove technology, with the aim of giving the golfer the best possible amount of control and spin.

The lofts available range from 46 to 64 degrees respectively, with various bounce angle combinations also. We tested the 56 degree Black Pearl wedge, combined with 14 degree of bounce.

The club overall has a nice weight to it, and the wide sole helps sit the wedge nicely behind the ball at address. The Black Pearl finish does go really well on this wedge in our opinion.

We did find the CG16 to be very forgiving from the longer range of 60 yards or more. There's always the increased possibility of a miss-cue when taking an almost full swing with any golf club. But when you do miss-strike a shot with the CG16, the golf ball still holds the line well, and doesn't really give up much distance either.

With hitting the pitch and chip shots from decent lies on the fairway. The CG16 wedge can produce a very impressive amount of spin, in fact we‘d probably say that it was a bit easier to spin the ball with than the CG15, though not by much.

From trickier positions such as thick rough, this CG16 wedge was very efficient. The grooves on the face are so good for stopping the ball quickly, even out of tricky and bad lies, the golf ball almost always responds very well.

This is a golf club that capable players could play a variety of shot types with, whether around the green, or slightly further out. The Cleveland CG16 wedge certainly gives you a lot of options.

It's difficult to tell how long the face and grooves of one of these wedges would last before signs of wear begin to set in. It generally would depend how often the club is used, but coming from a quality manufacturer like Cleveland, a CG16 wedge should be pretty durable.

Overall the CG16 wedge is a club that could be used and used well by most golfers. But particularly in the hands of a mid to lower handicapper, the CG16 could save you a few shots each round and help you get up and down more often.

With the vast amount of loft and bounce options on offer, almost everyone should be able to find a CG16 wedge that works for them. In terms of cost, the price is fairly reasonable for a quality and trustworthy wedge. As of 2012 you can purchase a brand new CG16 for around £80 or $126.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Spin 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Distance Control 9/10
Value For Money 8/10

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