Cleveland CG16 Irons

Cleveland CG16 Iron

Launched in 2010, the Cleveland CG16 Irons are clubs designed and made mainly for the mid handicap golfer.

A fair amount of technology has gone in to the manufacture of these irons. Full details about the making of these clubs can be found at the Cleveland Golf website.

The irons come in a Satin Chrome finish and also a Black Pearl finish. We studied the Black Pearl models, equipped with the Cleveland Golf Traction 85 steel shafts in regular flex.

One of the first things we noticed about the Cleveland CG16 Irons, apart from how good they look with the Black Pearl finish. Is that they have a very nice weight to them, this makes them very nice and easy clubs to swing.

At address though these irons do set up relatively well, and unlike the CG7 irons from Cleveland, they never appear a bit chunky anytime. Though at times the cavity on the longer irons can be seen at address.

When it came to hitting the ball we found the C16s very easy to launch get the ball airborne with, even with the longer irons, despite the clubs stronger lofts. The CG16 irons are definitely not difficult golf clubs to hit.

On impact the CG16s were very nice and soft, the feeling really was fantastic on good strikes, and still pretty smooth even on shots that weren't particularly caught well. The clubs are very consistent for feel through out the set.

Along with being easy to launch, the Cleveland CG16 irons were also very forgiving. It's not very often that you will be hitting a shot way off line with one of these irons, even the longer ones. They really are very accurate golf clubs.

The impressive forgiveness is also on show in the distance that the Cleveland CG16 irons can send the ball. Although maybe not a particularly important quality in an iron, the CG16s are certainly a set of irons that always seem to launch the golf ball an impressively long distance.

Also the mid and shorter irons do give you a good amount of control over the golf ball. When landing an approach shot on the green, it is possible, and quite easy to generate a good amount of spin. And bring the golf ball to a stop quickly, even on some firmer greens, with a soft landing on a regular basis.

Working the ball is something that is abit difficult generally with these irons, due to the great forgiveness of them. However moderate results were still possible, though managing a decent fade or draw does require quite abit of effort.

Overall we can safely say that we are very impressed with the Cleveland CG16 irons. They give the target market just about everything that they would want in an iron, and there really isn't anything particularly negative that we can say about them.

Another good thing about these clubs, along with the impressive performance, is the reasonable value. Just now in 2012, the steel shaft models are generally priced at around £360 or $571, with the graphite shaft versions costing around £420 or $666.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 8/10

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