Cleveland CG Gold Irons

Cleveland CG Gold Iron Head

Launched in 2007, the Cleveland CG Gold Irons are intended to be suitable for all levels of ability. The clubs are made to be somewhere between blades and cavity backs, and the design is intended to offer the golfer a great blend of feel and forgiveness.

The clubs do look good and set up fairly well at address. The club heads are slightly larger than on most other irons, and this should help to inspire a bit of extra confidence in most players.
It does have to be said that the clubs do feel a bit on the heavier side though through-out the set. Which makes these CG Gold irons clubs that do take a bit of getting used to when you first begin to use them.

But if you have the patience and are prepared to take the time. You are likely to be quite pleased with the results that you start to get, once you're used to the weight and feel of the Cleveland CG Gold irons.

The shorter irons are particularly good for approach shots, providing excellent feedback and also being quite easy to produce a decent amount of spin with.

Most people should definitely learn to feel a bit more confident about taking on tricky approach shots to tight pins with the shorter Cleveland CG Gold's.

The longer irons we found performed as you'd expect in an iron designed to be part blade, part cavity back. There was a reasonable amount of forgiveness, but make a bad swing and the club will let you know about it.

While poor shots weren't really severely punished on the whole, the feedback these irons give you does let you know when you've caught one thin or off-centre, even if the shot doesn't look to bad when the ball is in the air.

So while not being all out blades, the CG Gold irons will still probably leave a lot of players looking to improve their golf swing if they want to get the most enjoyment out of playing with them. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But also due to the excellent feedback, if you hit a shot well with the Cleveland CG Gold irons, they do feel very smooth and soft, and can make a good round of golf very enjoyable.

Whether hit well or poorly though, the golf ball generally comes off the club face very fast at impact, and a quite penetrating ball flight is regularly produced. These would be a good set of irons to have in your bag for playing in windy conditions.

If you're a player who likes to work the ball a lot with your iron shots, these irons are quite user friendly. Because of the fact that they're not overly forgiving, decent players will certainly be able to manipulate the flight of their shots without having to put a huge amount of effort into their swing to achieve the result.

We did find though that a draw was slightly easier to achieve than a fade, but both were equally possible. Also whether looking to drill a ball in low or send a shot in high, most decent players should be able to create their desired shot type with these clubs.

Looking at them overall, we would say that these Cleveland CG Gold irons are a good all-round set. That would probably be best suited to a mid to low handicap player. Someone who already swings quite well, and is looking for a reliable club that will let them know when they are hitting the ball well, and when they are not.

While they are made for use by all ability levels, we would ideally recommend alternative iron sets for a higher handicapper or a beginner.

As of 2012 the clubs are good value for money in our opinion, and some very good deals can be found. You can usually expect to pay around £200 or $297 for a set of Cleveland CG Gold Irons at present.


Looks 8/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 6/10
Control 9/10
Workability 8/10
Value For Money 9/10

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