Callaway X Forged Irons 2009

callaway x forged iron head

The Callaway X Forged Irons 2009 are a modern looking blade iron, designed primarily for the very good golfers of this world. The clubs come fitted with Royal Precision Project X Steel shafts.

Sporting a classic look without the extravagant graphics that can be seen on other Callaway Irons such as the Big Bertha Diablo's. The X Forged Irons are serious looking clubs made for high ability, serious golfers.

At address they really do set up very well, and feel good in your hands, despite what are slightly smallish club heads. Admittedly they are a touch heavier than a lot of other irons, but this is something that most players will just take a few swings to get used to.

In terms of the feeling when you get at impact with these clubs, let's just say that the Callaway X Forged 2009 Irons will definitely let you know if you have hit the ball on the centre of the club face or not.

As should be the case, there is a noticeable difference in the feedback you get in a miss-hit compared to a good strike with these clubs.

Miss-hits with the X-Forged irons don't quite give you a horrible stingy vibration that some iron sets can, but you do know when you haven't caught one right.

But like-wise though, when you do catch one flush with the X Forged Irons, you will also know about it, as the smooth butter feeling that you get really is an enjoyable one.

Hitting these irons well will definitely give a lot of golfers much satisfaction, however it's true that you could probably say that about most clubs when you're playing well.

But as was expected from the start, these clubs do need to be hit well to get the best out of them.

Unlike with the cavity back Callaway X-series irons where even a poorly hit shot can offer some reward, there is not a lot of room for error with an X Forged iron.

You don't have to be too far off centre with a strike to be punished with the X Forged Irons. Any player who doesn't strike the golf ball consistently well will not be able to play a good golf game with these irons, even the shorter ones.

However despite being rather unforgiving, the good, well hit golf shots with these clubs really are beautiful to watch. Along with the great feeling you get at impact, you can watch as the ball flies off the club-face in to the air.

The trajectory on a well hit shot with the longer and mid X-Forged irons in particular, is just about perfect, something that most players would probably never tire of watching.

Distance wise we didn't really notice any great gain in yardage with these clubs in comparison to most other irons. However even though badly hit shots are often punished in terms of accuracy, the distance of most shots was usually always pretty consistent with the X-Forged irons.

For the good golfer who likes to regularly manipulate the flight of the golf ball, which is who the Callaway X Forged irons are aimed at. There will be no difficulty in trying to work a shot.

These clubs are very versatile, and will provide a great amount of workability and control in the right hands.

We did though find that these irons on the whole, even the shorter ones, perhaps didn't provide as much spin as you'd probably expect.

They were easy enough to stop the ball with on softer greens, but you could sometimes get a bit more run than you're after on slightly firmer greens sometimes.

Again though the amount of spin generated will depend quite strongly on the ability of the player holding the club.

But for an overall picture, the Callaway X Forged 2009 Irons are a very good set of irons for their target market. A good consistent golf swing will be rewarded with regularly good shots, and likewise a poor out of sync swing will not see many good shots at all.

If you're someone who practices a lot and is already a good player, these clubs are certainly worth a look at if you're after some new irons.

However if you're a mid to high handicapper looking for a set of irons to help you improve, and you don't practice often, it's definitely best to look elsewhere.

The clubs are still a little bit on the pricier side admittedly. As of 2012, the Callaway X Forged Irons 2009 will generally cost you around £400 or $636 brand new.


Looks  9/10
Easy To Hit  6/10
Forgiveness  5/10
Control  8/10
Workability 10/10
Value For Money  7/10

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