Callaway X Fairway Wood

Callaway X Fairway Wood Head

The 2006 Callaway X Fairway Woods are designed to be high quality golf clubs, offering impressive distance, forgiveness and playability.

The X range comes in a 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 wood, with both steel and graphite shafts being available from most retailers.

The Callaway X Fairway Wood we tested was the 3 wood which possesses 15 degrees of loft, equipped with a regular flex Fujikura steel shaft.

One thing that was very clear with the X Fairway Wood is that it was certainly one of the easier woods to launch the golf ball up and get it airborne with.

This was the case both off the deck and off the tee, at times it can feel as if you were hitting a hybrid, the X wood was that easy to launch.

And when the ball does get into the air, this club generally produces a consistent, penetrating mid ball flight.

And a consequence of this is very noticeable and very impressive power and distance. The Callaway X is definitely a long fairway wood, and the 3 wood in particular would certainly make a good replacement for a Driver off the tee on tighter holes.

The good distance is also pretty evident on poorer strikes as well, the X 3-wood is a club that didn't seem to give up much if any yardage when it wasn't hit very well.

For workability, we found the club probably more easier to draw the golf ball with than a fade, but any decent golfer should still have not have many problems playing either shot type when required.

A consequence of this is that the miss-hits while not giving up any real distance, can travel a bit offline on occasions. However this usually isn't too damaging to a score-card as the margin of error is never usually more than maybe 20 yards, unless you're really way off with a bad strike.

Despite not producing a very high trajectory most of the time, a lot of shots to the green with the X fairway wood do land quite softly. The ball does usually roll on a few yards from its first bounce on landing, but not a great deal.

So to look at the club as a whole, the Callaway X 3-wood was probably one of the easiest woods we've seen for hitting the golf ball off the ground as well as the tee.

The impressive distance and control that the club gives players, makes a Callaway X fairway wood a very worthy golf club that almost any golfer could benefit from.

Also just now a Callaway X fairway wood is very good value for money. Currently as of 2011, you can still pick up one of the woods brand new for around £70 or $111, almost no other wood on the market at present can match these clubs on price.


LOOKS __________________ 8/10

EASY TO HIT ____________ 10/10

FORGIVENESS ____________ 7/10

WORKABILITY ____________ 8/10

DISTANCE _______________ 9/10

VALUE FOR MONEY ________ 10/10

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