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On the market since 2007, the Callaway X-20 irons are another stylish looking model in the X series.

Designed mainly to offer greater forgiveness, along with also providing solid performance. The Callaway X-20s are clubs that are aimed primarily at mid to high handicappers looking to make the game of golf easier.

They are actually quite lovely looking clubs, in your hands, in the bag and at address. The graphics and the design of the head really do go together very well.

Along with the great looks though, the weight of these clubs is just about right as well. Not too heavy or too light, which is something that would probably be important for any beginner or higher handicapper trying out a set of irons.

So after admiring how good the irons looked, it was time to find out the most important thing of all, how the clubs performed, and if they did what they were made to.

As was intended by Callaway, we found that the X-20s were very easy to hit, even the longer irons didn't pose much trouble. Most shots when struck well felt effortless, producing that great feeling that you often get when you strike an iron well.

It really wasn't difficult to get the ball airborne with these X-20 irons, although a consequence of this is that the ball flight was often very high. And this was generally the case through the set, even with the longer irons.

Admittedly this is something that the X-20s were designed to do, however it is something that could possibly present a bit of a problem on those windy days that most of us hate to play in. In terms of accuracy, these clubs were straight, simple as that. The X-20 irons really do provide players with the great forgiveness that Callaway promises.

Even when a shot wasn't hit too well the golf ball still flies towards the area aimed for, more often than not. As long as you're not way off centre with a strike, you shouldn't see a shot drifting much more than maybe 10-15 yards off-line.

Distance is perhaps something that isn't overly important to most golfers when it comes to iron play. But the Callaway X-20 irons are definitely one of the longer ones that we've seen.

Despite the often high ball flight that occurs on a lot of shots, there definitely isn't a lack of distance. Even when you don't try to hit the ball that hard, these irons are still quite powerful, and give you plenty yardage.

Also because of the often high ball flight, most shots did land softly on the green on approach shots. Some iron sets at times can be frustratingly difficult when trying to hold certain greens with the longer irons, as they can sometimes release a bit too much on landing.

But unless the green you're aiming to is extremely firm, this isn't a problem that should occur with the majority of approach shots using the Callaway X-20 irons. These irons do offer the potential for a great improvement in greens in regulation for a lot of players.

Something extra to probably note is that these irons were in fact used by Rocco mediate at the US Open at Torrey Pines in 2008, when he was just short of defeating the mighty Tiger Woods.

That's not a bad endorsement for any club, and also shows that it's not just mid to high handicappers looking to improve who can benefit from these clubs. Even a PGA professional managed to benefit his golf game from using the Callaway X-20 irons.

At the moment in 2011 the X-20s are pretty reasonable value for money, when you look at the iron market as a whole. Brand new these irons generally retail at around £370 or $586.


Looks 9/10
Easy To Hit 9/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 8/10

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