Callaway RAZR X Irons

Callaway RAZR X Iron Head

Released to the golf world in 2011, the Callaway RAZR X Irons are designed and made more for the mid to higher handicap golfer, and as such are intended primarily to be game improvement clubs.

The clubs feature Callaway's RAZR technology, which without going into too much detail, is basically the irons being made with a lower, deeper centre of gravity. Which should result in higher launching shots and thus softer landings on approaches to greens.

If you would like to know more information about the technology of the RAZR X irons, and what specifications are available. You can follow this link to the official Callaway Golf website, which will open in a new window.

Graphite and steel shaft options are both available, with the RAZR X irons we tested being equipped with the True Temper M10 Flighted RAZR X steel shafts in uniflex.

The clubs do look quite good with some sharp graphics. But one thing most people will likely notice is that the top line on the RAZR X oversized heads is quite thick and chunky, this may not be to every golfers tastes but it is intended to inspire confidence.

Along with that they are probably a bit heavier than many of Callaway's earlier models when equipped with the steel shafts, but this isn't a problem really, and in fact may suit many players.

When it got down to hitting the RAZR X irons, it was the forgiveness of the clubs in particular that was excellent, through out the whole set. It's actually very difficult to not hit a shot almost dead straight, in calm conditions.

The ball flight that the clubs produce as expected was often on the high side, but the trajectory was still often quite penetrating, and nice to watch on most shots. The Callaway RAZR X irons are very easy to hit clubs, even the longer irons shouldn't be too intimidating.

Along with the consistently higher ball flight, came the nice consequence of the golf ball landing quite softly on the green more often than not. Approaches that aren't hit that well can release more at times, but it shouldn't be to a large degree unless the green being hit to is really firm.

Distance wise the Callaway RAZR X irons are quite long, but not extremely so. From what we saw, and what some of the players we spoke to saw. The consensus is that you generally get around 5-7 yards more in distance from these irons compared to many of the earlier Callaway models, even with the higher ball flight.

But overall the RAZR X Irons are a very impressive set of golf clubs. They offer almost everything a player would want in a game improvement iron in terms of performance, and on top of that they do look pretty good to.

As far as value for money goes, the clubs are still a bit pricey right now in 2012, which is usually to be expected being a fairly new set still.

The steel shaft models are generally priced at around £550 or $847, with the graphite shaft versions costing a bit more at around £680 or $1,081.


Looks  9/10
Easy To Hit  9/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Control  8/10
Workability  4/10
Value For Money  7/10

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