Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver

Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver Head

Released in 2011, the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver at first glance is an extremely impressive looking golf club. It just has the look of a driver that has power written all over it.

A large amount of technology and innovation has gone into the manufacture of the RAZR Hawk driver, it was created with Forged Composite technology, which is the result of a unique partnership between Callaway Golf and super car maker Lamborghini.

If you would like to know the full details of this special technology and how it helped in the manufacture of this golf club. You can follow this link to the official Callaway Golf website, which will open in a new window.

The available lofts for the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver are 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 and 13.5 degrees respectively. All are available in right hand, with only the 10.5 and 11.5 degree models produced in left hand as well as right.

A Draw and a Neutral version of the driver are both available, with the model we tested being the Neutral at 10.5 degrees of loft. Also equipped with the stock shaft which is the Aldila 60 gram RIP graphite shaft, in regular flex, though light and stiff are also on offer.

When you first start to take some swings with the club, you notice that it is a tad on the longer side with the 46" shaft. However this does seem to be an increasing trend amongst most manufacturers these days, with an ever continuing emphasis being put on power.

Standing over the golf ball at address though, the Callaway RAZR Hawk does feel very nice in your hands at address, the club sets up well and there is also an arrow just behind the face to aid alignment.

In terms of performance the RAZR Hawk Driver was made to be powerful and it certainly doesn't disappoint. When hit well this is an extremely long golf club, and even when you don't catch a drive quite right, you're never left wanting for any distance, the power was very consistent.

While this may not be the outright longest and most powerful driver ever, it's probably the most powerful driver to be produced in 2011. The golf ball really does fly off the face of the club, and always with an extremely loud but not irritating sound.

The accuracy of the club was also quite impressive, from what we saw the RAZR Hawk Driver isn't a golf club that you're likely to spray about all over the course. Miss-hits are usually punished, but rarely ever to such a large degree that it'll be devastating to your scorecard.

So while it admittedly isn't perfect, there really aren't many other drivers available just now that are as easy to hit and as forgiving as the RAZR Hawk, while being as powerful at the same time.

Overall this golf club is a very sound offering from Callaway. The RAZR Hawk Driver could be a very useful weapon for the game of any mid to low handicap player. It's unlikely that many golfers will be disappointed with the clubs performance.

It does have to be said though that the price tag may steer a few people away from the Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver. Brand new in 2012 the club usually costs around £270 or $429, so it's probably best to make sure it's definitely for you before making any possible purchase.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Forgiveness  7/10
Distance 10/10
Workability  7/10
Value For Money  7/10

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