Callaway Hybrid Big Bertha Diablo

Callaway Hybrid Big Bertha Diablo Head

The 2009 Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid range is another member of the Diablo family from Callaway. As usual with Hybrid clubs, they are designed to be very easy to hit, and thus give a lot of confidence to the player using them.

The Hybrid is fairly similar in looks to the Diablo Driver and Fairway Woods. Sporting some of the bright red graphics that are hard to not notice.

Like with the Driver and Fairway Woods, the looks wont be to everyone's tastes, but there are certainly worse looking golf clubs than the Diablo Hybrid.

The range comes in 4 clubs, with lofts of 18, 21, 24 and 27 degrees respectively. All are available in right and left hand except for the 27 degree Hybrid which is only available in right hand.

The Hybrids come fitted with the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo shaft, which is available in light, regular, and stiff flex.

The Hybrid we tested was the 21 degree model fitted with the stiff flex Diablo shaft.

Callaway Hybrid Big Bertha Diablo Face

One thing that was clear quite quickly with the club was that it was very powerful off the tee. Generally tee shots with the Diablo Hybrid we tested were only just short of where many of todays 3 Woods hit to, however this Callaway hybrid delivered greater accuracy and reliability.

Which is usually what most golfers will expect from a Hybrid club, and the Diablo isn't likely to let many players down. Even on the not so good swings and poor strikes which we can all make at times, this club will keep the golf ball going straight.

This is from the fairway as well as the tee, approach shots up to greens and tee shots alike will almost always go where you aim for. Although there is generally a slight reduction in the distance you get hitting from the deck as opposed to a tee.

But although that's the case, this club felt almost as easy to launch from the fairway as the tee. Even by Hybrid standards the Diablo was very easy to hit and launch, something that's definitely a good quality in a club for the mid to high handicappers.

In our opinion any one whose even slightly capable on the golf course, even beginners, should be able to hit one of the Big Bertha Diablo Hybrids fairly consistently.

One slight draw back to be mentioned though is the sound at impact, while not being the worst golf club we've looked at for this by any means. The noise when the hitting the golf ball with the Diablo Hybrid could be a bit loud and hollow at times, but it is something that most people should be able to learn cope with.

Overall though the Diablo Callaway Hybrid is a forgiving and confidence inspiring club, that should strongly appeal to mid to high handicappers, and even some better golfers who would like a club that they can almost 100% rely on.

The only real negatives for us were the looks and the impact sound at times, but performance really can't be faulted.

The price of one of these clubs is about what you'd expect for a hybrid in the current market as well. As of 2011 you can purchase a Diablo Hybrid brand new for around £100 or $158.


Looks: 7/10         Easy To Hit: 9/10       Forgiveness: 9/10

Distance: 10/10   Workability: 7/10       Value For Money: 7/10

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