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The unconventional looking Callaway FTi Driver has been on the market to golfers since 2007, and generally it is a club aimed more at the mid, to higher handicap players.

The lofts available are 9, 10, 11 and 13 degrees, with only the 10 and 11 degree models produced in left hand and right hand. Players have a choice of both Draw and Neutral versions.

We were able to put the 10 degree neutral FTi through its paces, and see what it had to offer. The shaft equipped was the Fujikura Speeder 586 shaft, in regular flex. And this seemed to help to generate a very decent and fast club head speed here. But every player can of course get fitted individually, for your own specific requirements and needs.

Despite the very big club head, the FTi has quite a nice and light weight to it when you first hold it in your hands. Though a lot of people will probably find that the unconventional square head shape takes a bit of getting used to, if you've not used a square headed driver before.

The Callaway FTi was generally quite a straight club in terms of accuracy, although it did seem to be quite a tough club to hit consistently well. Which wasn't really expected as the club is aimed more players that aren't of high ability levels. However it may simply be the case that the square design of the club head suits some swings better than others.

The ball flight on occasion that was produced could be a bit higher than what a lot of players would perhaps like. Which is something that may be an issue for people who play fairly often in quite windy conditions.

Distance wise we found the FTi to be long but not super long. Again this driver did seem to be needed to be hit well to get really good distance.

A slight draw back to mention with this Callaway FTi, is the noise that the club can sometimes make at impact. Even when you don't hit the club that hard, you often get a very loud sound at impact, that can be a bit irritating on occasion, especially when you're not playing that well.

For the players who may want to try to work the golf ball often. It is possible with this club, but results generally weren't great, and you do have to put quite a lot of effort into your swing to get your desired shot type.

If you do choose to try the Callaway FTi Driver out, we'd recommend perhaps opting to look at the draw version to begin with. That club is likely to give you a consistently lower ball flight than with the neutral, which we felt was often a bit too high on occasion for our liking.

In terms of value, this driver was very expensive when it first hit the market. But of late though the price has come down, and the club now offers very good value for money. As of 2012 the Callaway FTi Driver will cost you around £100 or $159 at most retailers.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 7/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 8/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 8/10

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