Callaway FT9 Driver

Callaway FT9 Driver Head

The 2009 Callaway FT9 is certainly a solid and efficient looking Driver. Sporting a large head that is similar to the FT5, and some similarly sharp graphics. At first glance this looks an impressive club that can't help but grab a keen golfers attention.

Also like with the FT5 from Callaway, the available lofts for the FT9 driver are 9, 10, 11 and 13 degrees, with only the 10 and 11 degree models produced in left hand as well as right.

The model we put to the test was the 10 degree neutral version, equipped with the Fujikura Z Com shaft in regular flex.

The best quality that the Callaway FT9 Driver seemed to offer, was the ease at which you could work and shape the golf ball. The better and more capable golfer should have no trouble playing for either a draw or a fade with the neutral version.

But despite being a club that's quite easy to work, we found the overall accuracy and forgiveness of the FT9 to be quite reliable. The performance was relatively similar to the FT5 Callaway Driver, and a good amount of straight towering drives were there to be seen.

Distance wise we found the FT9 to be also very similar to the FT5, pretty long, but not huge. But again massive distance doesn't really seem to be what the Driver was made for.

Something to mention that will matter more to some players than others, is that the sound this Callaway driver makes at impact is relatively quiet, in general if you compare it to some of the other newer drivers on the market just now.

In our opinion this is a very good quality for a golf club to have. It can be extremely annoying a lot of the time, to both you and your playing partners, when you use a driver that makes a lot of noise at impact. But that isn't a problem that you'd have with using the FT9.

The initial high price tag was a slight draw back originally with this club, however the price has since come down and is now very reasonable. The 2012 price for a brand new Callaway FT9 Driver is generally around £85 or $135.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 7/10
Distance 8/10
Workability 9/10
Value For Money 9/10

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