Callaway FT Fairway Wood

Callaway FT Wood Head

The Callaway FT Fairway Wood is a very nice looking golf club, designed with some very attractive graphics. Launched in late 2007, the club is a fairly recent addition to the market, and is likely to appeal to many golfers.

The FT wood comes in Draw and Neutral versions, depending on your preference. There is a 3, 5, and 7 wood available in the range, and at most retailers the club comes fitted with the Fujikura Fit-On E-160 Graphite shaft.

The model we tested was the 3 wood, which has 15 degrees of loft, and the equipped shaft was the stiff flex of the Fujikura shaft mentioned above.

The club does set up pretty well at address. Though compared to most other recent fairway woods available, you're likely to notice that the head on the Callaway FT wood is generally on the small side, even on the 3 wood.

That may be slightly off-putting to some higher handicappers, with smaller club heads generally being regarded sometimes as not being particularly easy to hit. However we still found the club relatively straight-forward to hit well and launch the golf ball with.

Most shots do go pretty straight and high with the neutral version. The draw version of this club will likely give players a slightly lower trajectory overall, if that is something that you prefer.

It is true that the FT wood probably doesn't have quite as large a sweet spot as some other fairway woods. However unless you're way off with a strike, this club is fairly forgiving.

A decent player should not have much trouble playing the FT wood from either the tee or the fairway. And it's also not overly tough to work the ball either, from both the fairway and tee.

Despite the fact that there's some reasonable forgiveness with this wood, good players should still find the FT wood to be a pretty versatile golf club.

Along with that, the feeling at impact with this club is very solid on the good strikes. This club really can be very enjoyable to play with when you're playing well and having a good round.

The sound at impact when this club is hit well is also another quality that is very impressive, and not something you're likely to tire of hearing.

You don't get the insultingly loud hollow sound that many modern woods can often produce, instead you get a nice low pitched ping off the club face.

Distance wise the FT overall performed respectably. Good strikes do go relatively far. But the miss-hits while not being severely punished very often, do give up a little yardage.

So while not being the longest fairway wood ever, the FT Fairway Wood can certainly still get the ball out there when it's hit well.

Looking at the club as a whole, the Callaway FT is definitely one of the better woods on the market just now. Perhaps better in the hands of a mid to low handicapper, but with enough practice, certainly playable for higher handicappers.

As of 2011 the price is a tad on the high side, with the club generally going for around £150 or $250 brand new. But a lot of good deals on used Callaway FT Woods can be found in some places.


Looks: 9/10         Easy To Hit: 8/10       Forgiveness: 7/10

Distance: 7/10     Workability: 8/10       Value For Money: 7/10

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