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Callaway FT-iQ Driver Head

The 2008 Callaway FT-iQ Driver is the newer updated version of the FT-i. Again the newer FT-iQ has the unconventional square club head shape, but it does sport some nice looking dark graphics. Also the FT-iQ is a little bit more on the heavier side than what the FT-i was.

The lofts available for selection in the driver are 9, 10, 11 and 13 degree. All are produced in right hand, though only the 10 and 11 degree models are available in both left hand and right.

The model we put to the test was the 9 degree version of the FT-iQ, fitted with the Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft in stiff flex.

Like with a lot of the newer square shaped clubs from certain manufacturers, it may take a bit of time to get used to the look of the way the club sits behind the ball at address if you're not used to the design. Some players may find it easier than others, to switch between the square and the standard conventional head shape.

When it came to hitting the Callaway FT-iQ though, one of the first things we found in the clubs performance, was that unlike the FT-i, this was quite a forgiving and reliable driver.

Certainly a golfer of perhaps slightly lesser ability, who is maybe a bit intimidated with hitting a Driver, could do a lot worse than give the FT-iQ a try. From what we saw, it's not a difficult club to hit, and hit consistently well.

Again to compare it to its predecessor, the FT-i, this Callaway FT-iQ driver was generally slightly longer in terms of distance, and when hit well could be very long. And this is with the benefit of producing a sound at impact that isn't too loud or irritating, as can sometimes be the case in the FT-i.

Due to the forgiveness though, working the golf ball isn't an easy job with this Driver. More often than not, drives with this club just send the ball almost dead straight. Moderate results were possible, but even good players would probably struggle to shape shots with this Callaway driver, it's not really what it's made for.

It's definitely, from what we found, a Driver that seems to be made more for players that are maybe struggling with their driving accuracy, and need to find a very straight, forgiving club, that they can learn to trust.

A slight draw-back to this club when it first came out was the very high price tag. However 2012 prices are a lot more reasonable for the FT-iQ Driver, being generally around £90 or $143 depending on where you look.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 8/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Distance 9/10
Workability 6/10
Value For Money 8/10

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