Callaway FT Hybrid 08

Callaway FT Hybrid 08 Head

The 2008 version of the Callaway FT Hybrid range, are a very nice modern looking set of golf clubs featuring some lovely graphics.

These are definitely clubs that will look good in any golfers bag at a Sunday morning medal.

The Callaway FT Hybrid 08 comes in a Draw and a Neutral weighted version. The lofts available in the range are 18, 21, 24 and 27 degrees. All are available in right and left hand apart from the 27 degree model which is in right hand only.

The standard shaft for the FT Hybrids is the Fujikura Fit On M Hybrid shaft, which is available in light, regular, and stiff flex.

The 08 FT Hybrid that we tested was the 21 degree lofted model, draw weighted and fitted with a stiff flex of the Fujikura shaft mentioned above.

Callaway FT Hybrid 08 Address

The club was very nice and easy to hit, and this was from a variety of lies. Even out of the rough, as long as the ball is not buried, it's not difficult to get the golf ball up and away with the FT Hybrid.

And certainly with the Draw weighted model that was tested, if you're a golfer who struggles often with an irritating push or slice. Then you'd likely learn to relax a bit more with this club in your hand.

Admittedly it doesn't fix the underlying problem in an actual golf swing, but with this club at least, you'll almost certainly be hitting straighter shots.

The Draw weighted 08 FT Hybrid does exactly what it says on the tin. From what we saw it will help eradicate a push, and if you're a golfer who already hits the ball pretty straight, then the Callaway 08 FT Hybrid can give you a consistent, powerful, penetrating Draw.

This club is also definitely one of the longer Hybrids that we've seen. The 08 FT Hybrid is pretty similar distance wise to Callaway's Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid. Which means that the 18 and 21 degree models can hit the golf ball not far short of where some of today's 3 Woods can get to.

In terms of accuracy though, the FT is probably not as reliable as the Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid. The Draw weighted model tested could sometimes go a bit further left than expected. Though this was rarely to a very large degree.

But if you're a golfer who's looking for a Hybrid that is long, and easy to hit from a variety of lies, the tee to the rough, then the Callaway 08 FT Hybrid is a club that ticks these boxes.

Obviously if you're a decent player who likes to fade the ball a lot, then you would need to be looking at the neutral weighted version.

One of these Hybrids would have cost you quite a bit of money when they first came out, however in recent times the price has come down, and is currently quite reasonable.

At the moment in 2011, a Callaway FT Hybrid 08 costs around £99 or $160. So while still not quite being the cheapest Hybrid on the market, for what it can give you it's decent value for money in our opinion.


LOOKS ____________________ 9/10

EASY TO HIT ______________ 10/10

WORKABILITY ______________ 7/10

FORGIVENESS ______________ 7/10

DISTANCE _________________ 10/10

VALUE FOR MONEY __________ 8/10

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