Callaway Diablo Edge Driver

Callaway Diablo Edge Driver

The 2009 Callaway Diablo Edge Driver is another addition to the Diablo range, and features a massive face with one of the largest sweet spots yet. With the intention of making this club one of the most forgiving and longest Drivers that Callaway Golf has ever produced.

The lofts available are 9, 10, 11 and 13 degrees, with only the 10 and 11 degree models being available in left hand as well as right.

We tested the 10 degree lofted Diablo Edge driver, which was equipped with the Aldila Habanero graphite shaft in stiff flex.

When first standing over the club at address, it’s hard not to notice that the Callaway Diablo Edge head is a bit unconventional looking in its shape. In fact it’s very similar to the Big Bertha Diablo driver from Callaway, being quite a bit more triangular than you’d expect.

However like in the case of the Big Bertha Diablo, it doesn’t stop the club from actually setting up quite well, and as such the head shape isn’t really likely to unease that many golfers. To add to that the club overall is fairly light in weight also.

It’s almost impossible to not be extremely impressed and almost amazed at how powerful and strong this Driver is. The golf ball just explodes off the clubs massive face, and this results in some incredibly long, high drives.

Many players who have used this Driver for the first time often claim of seeing increases in up to 30 or 40 yards from their previous drivers.

Now some people could be forgiven for thinking that there is a slight bit of exaggeration there, but we’ve seen first hand that claims of that sort are in fact no exaggeration at all, and this is in windier conditions as well as when it's calm.

Perhaps not every single person who uses this Driver for the first time will see gains of that amount, but it’s more so the higher handicappers that are likely to see the biggest gains. As lower handicap players who already hit the golf ball a decent distance of the tee, are not as likely to see such a dramatic effect, though should still certainly see some extra yardage.

Not only that but it’s pretty effortless power, the Callaway Diablo Edge Driver does not need to be hit hard to get the most out of it. This is something that could certainly benefit the golfers out there that prefer to swing the Driver a bit slower than others.

To add to all that the sound at impact of the club is also great as well, loud and strong, but without ever being too loud as to being an irritation or putting you off.

But aside from the tremendous power and being easy to hit, the other main quality that the Diablo Edge driver was manufactured to possess was great forgiveness, and it doesn’t disappoint.

This is a very straight driver, simple as that, it’s difficult to not hit the golf ball almost dead straight 90% of the time, even for mid to higher handicappers, such is the drivers reliability. If you have a nasty hook or slice you want to eliminate, this club is definitely worth a look.

This forgiveness though results in the Callaway Diablo Edge being a driver that players shouldn't be choosing if they want a Driver they can work the golf ball with off the tee. This isn’t what the club was made for and as stated, it’s easier to hit straight than not.

Overall this is simply a terrific golf club, delivering exactly what it was made to, and doing it superbly.

Better golfers may be after a driver that offers more workability, but for mid and higher handicap players, it will be hard to find a better driver than this one.

The final bit of good news is that the Callaway Diablo Edge driver doesn’t cost the earth. As of early 2012 a Diablo Edge driver brand new is generally around the £110 or $175 mark. An affordable price for a very impressive golf club.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit  9/10
Forgiveness 10/10
Distance 10/10
Workability  4/10
Value For Money  9/10

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