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Callaway Big Bertha Wood Diablo Head

Launched in early 2009, the Callaway Big Bertha Wood Diablo model from Callaway has the same appearance and graphics as the Diablo Driver. And is designed with the intention of giving players great accuracy and distance combined.

The Diablo Woods do come in Draw and Neutral versions, in the range there is a 3, 5, 7, and a 9 wood. The lofts are as follows

3 Wood - Draw version ( 16 deg ), Neutral version ( 15 deg )

5 Wood - Draw version ( 18.5 deg ), Neutral version ( 18 deg )

the 7 and 9 wood come only in draw versions and have lofts of 21 and 23.5 degrees.

At most places the Diablo fairway woods come equipped with the red Callaway Big Bertha Diablo DVS Aldila shaft, with light, regular and stiff flex options available.

We tested the Diablo 3 wood draw and neutral models, both fitted with the standard DVS Aldila shaft mentioned above, in stiff flex.

Like with the Diablo Driver, this club does set up fairly well behind the ball at address. Admittedly also like with the Driver, the triangular head shape can look a bit large when looking down on it, but it's not too off-putting.

Right from the first few shots it was clear that the golf ball really flies off the face on these woods. On both the draw and neutral models the flight of the ball was very penetrating, and the carry was very long.

Well hit shots with the neutral model do generally go almost dead straight, with a slightly high ball flight, but not too high.

The flight with the Draw version of this Callaway Big Bertha Wood performed as expected and more. As long as you didn't completely miss-hit a shot there was always a strong, powerful draw that was very easy on the eye.

Basically the Diablo wood is very hard to hit badly, even higher handicappers with inconsistent swings can produce good looking golf shots fairly regularly.

Admittedly when you miss-hit the draw version, it can sometimes produce an exaggerated effect and give you more of a push than a draw. But again this was only on very bad strikes, due to the very impressive forgiveness, slight miss-hits with these woods are practically nothing to worry about.

But overall the Diablo woods are probably slightly easier to hit off the tee than from the fairway, but this is nothing unusual in a wood. Most players should still have no trouble launching the ball and getting it airborne from the fairway.

The Diablo woods definitely received our pass marks in terms of accuracy and forgiveness, and distance was no different.

The 3 wood of the Diablo range is one of the longest we've ever seen. Any golfer who is intimidated by hitting a Driver and has their heart set on an alternative, could find the perfect club in the Diablo 3 wood.

At times it could literally be longer than some Drivers currently on the market. You can be forgiven for thinking that you actually are hitting a Driver on occasion, the 3 wood really is that long and powerful. As mentioned earlier the golf ball flies off the club face at impact, and just keeps going.

The Callaway Diablo fairway woods really are a fantastic addition to the golf club market. Any level of golfer who is looking for a long, powerful set of woods, or a more accurate alternative to the Driver, has to give the Diablo range a look.

The good news doesn't just end with the performance either, in terms of value for money these clubs are pretty reasonable. Brand new as of 2011, a Callaway Big Bertha Wood Diablo is usually priced at around £120 or $192.

Which is pretty good value for what you get in return. Very few players who try out these woods are likely to be disappointed by the performance.


Looks: 7/10           Easy To Hit: 9/10       Forgiveness: 8/10

Distance: 10/10     Workability: 6/10       Value For Money: 8/10

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