Callaway Big Bertha Irons 08

Callaway Big Bertha Irons 08 Head

The 2008 Callaway Big Bertha Irons are one of the latest offerings from the Big Bertha Iron series by Callaway.

Rather unorthodox looking, these irons with their noticeably wide sole on the longer irons, are designed to offer the forgiveness and easy hitting that you can get from hybrids.

When first held in your hands you notice that the longer clubs are definitely a touch heavier than the shorter irons. This is because the wider soles of the longer irons do result in overall larger club heads, and are designed to be more like hybrids.

This hybrid style of the longer Callaway Big Bertha Irons 08 could be off-putting at times when your at address, about to hit the ball. But the key with these clubs was to remember that they were irons and not actual hybrids, and as such treat them that way.

Callaway Big Bertha Irons 08 Heads

Because these irons all through the set can become extremely easy to hit after a short amount of practice. The forgiveness really was very, very impressive.

Even a higher handicapper should be able to find some consistency with the Big Bertha 08 Irons. They don't have to be hit perfectly to produce regularly good shots.

With regards to distance, the longer irons, despite a rather high ball flight produced most of the time, are again quite impressive. Most players would probably notice about 10-15 yards extra with the longer big bertha 08 irons, compared to other newer sets on the market just now.

However from the 7 iron up, there wasn't really any noticeable increase in the amount of distance that you can carry the Big Bertha 08 Irons. But in truth distance with the shorter irons is not something that is overly important to most golfers, control and feel definitely matter more.

And with the very impressive forgiveness and accuracy of these irons already noted, it was also a pleasure to realise that they are pretty easy to control when hitting approach shots on a calm day.

Even on firmer greens the golf ball rarely runs away from you on landing, generally the ball will usually come to rest within a few yards of the spot that it lands in.

So if you're a player who hits a lot of good long accurate drives, but a lot of the time struggles to take advantage of them with some inaccurate or poorly controlled approach shots.

Then these irons really could help bring your scores down. Approach shots to some tough pins really are a lot less intimidating when you get used to playing with these irons, especially the shorter ones.

So really apart from having to get used to the look and the design of the longer clubs, there's nothing but good things to say about these Big Bertha 08 Irons. Quite simply they are one of the most forgiving and easy to hit irons that Callaway has ever produced.

One more good thing to comment on is the price of the Callaway Big Bertha Irons 08, in comparison to a few other newer sets, which can be insultingly expensive in some cases.

As of 2012, prices can vary but generally brand new a set of these irons will cost around £250 or $397 for the steel shaft versions. With the graphite shaft models usually being priced around £300 or $476.


Looks 7/10
Easy To Hit 10/10
Forgiveness 9/10
Control 9/10
Workability 7/10
Value For Money 8/10

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