Review of Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Hybrid

by Stealthking
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Having an FT-Hybrid 06 (3-neutral) in the bag that I have as my go-to proxy driver on those days where confidence is at a low and just wanting that little bit more distance, I came across the Diablo Hybrids. As I had just bought a set of diablo forged irons, I thought it might make a good inclusion in the bag. (2H, stiff)

First hit off the deck gave me a sharp solid tinging sound, much like the FT-hybrid so I was immediately comfortable with it. Despite your review suggesting the sound might pose as a concern, I actually loved that sharp tinging sound as I seem to associate that with a good solid hit. Distance wise, I may now be able to put away the driver on shorter Par 4's and also Par 5's that I have no chance of making in 2. Very easy to control with draws and fade. Bad strikes may have the ball launching lower but still making around 180 metres. Though I would've prefered to get a 2H (FT Hybrid 06 for consistency sake) overall the diablo is a very good equivalent and felt almost similar

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