Nike SQ Dymo Driver

Nike SQ Dymo Driver

The 2009 Nike SQ Dymo Driver is one of Nikes most high profile golf clubs. The Driver has been used by super stars like Anthony Kim and Tiger Woods.

Although that's perhaps not the best thing to say about this club if you're someone who witnessed Tigers opening tee shot at the US Open last year.

Looking at the lofts, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees are available in right hand, with 9.5 and 10.5 degrees being available in both left and right hand.

This Driver is a bit similar to the older Sumo Driver, also from Nike. However this club is a bit easier on the eye and nicer to look at, with none of the bright yellow graphics that dominated the Sumo. This definitely looks like a serious club when you first hold it in your hands.

At address though the head does look extremely large when looking down at it from above, seems like it's even bigger than its maximum 460cc size. If you like Drivers with large club heads, then you'll definitely get that with this driver.
When we put it to the test. One of the first things we noticed that the Nike SQ Dymo Driver definitely had going for it was distance. We found this Driver to be very long and very powerful.

It was possible to obtain some drives that were up to 30 yards further than what a lot of other new Drivers currently available can produce.

Along with the very impressive power you can get, another good quality the SQ Dymo driver had was the sound at impact. The club often produces a nice solid thumping sound when connecting with the golf ball, that you don't ever get tired of hearing.

This is definitely a good thing, as some of the newer Drivers can often sound like a gun going off at times, and in the process annoying you and your playing partners.

In terms of accuracy though we found that the SQ Dymo wasn't quite as forgiving as the earlier SQ Sumo 5000 model. However that doesn't mean that the SQ Dymo is an inaccurate club.

Some drives do drift offline a bit, however any drive that's hit well with this club will go where you want, a decent player can trust this Driver to keep them in play.

In fact strangely at times it seemed that the harder you hit this club the straighter it went, although obviously we would never recommend trying to blast every drive out of sight.

The club was also pretty versatile for trying to shape drives. Playing for both a fade and a draw it is possible to achieve some pretty good results, without having to put everything you've got into the shot either.

Summing up we would generally recommend the Nike SQ Dymo Driver to golfers of all levels, even beginners can learn to play with this club with enough practice.

Also just now in 2012, this Driver is pretty decent value for money. The SQ Dymo retails at around £105 or $167, which is very reasonable from what we saw in the clubs performance.


Looks  8/10
Easy To Hit  8/10
Forgiveness  7/10
Distance 10/10
Workability  8/10
Value For Money  8/10

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